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Spain’s telecoms giant Telefonica puts up prices for packages and mobile phones from New Year

SPAIN'S biggest telecoms provider Telefonica is putting up its prices from January 13, 2023. The firm is putting up tariffs for all of its Movistar...

EXCLUSIVE: British expat on Spain’s Costa del Sol goes a week without wifi, TV or mobile phone signal, as...

AN EXPAT on the Costa del Sol has had his wifi, phone cable and television signal all cut off from his provider, without any notice or a reason why.

Hard cell? As Spain’s first 5G network is unveiled, the Olive Press taps into the controversial technology

Watching Love Island from the heart of the Campo also supposedly just got a whole lot easier

Teenager in Spain suffers burns after phone EXPLODES in his pocket

A TEENAGE boy has been treated for first degree burns after his mobile phone exploded in his pocket.  According to, the 14-year-old from Pamplona...

Masmovil launches cheaper international plan

The phone company has introduced a ‘Plan Zero International’ package

Spanish phone providers to up European roaming charges

The lower rates will not last forever

Olive Press tracks down Irish tourist’s lost phone

It was tracked down to a supermarket

Cars no longer the key to freedom for Spain’s youngsters

Cars are no longer the ultimate key to freedom for Spain’s young adults

Phone app brings Spain’s historic pilgrimage El Rocio romeria into 21st century

A new phone app has added a 21st-century twist to Spain’s most historic pilgrimage

Mobile phone roaming charges could be scrapped due to super-app

Roaming charges could soon be a thing of the past…

Worldwide emoji survey finds Spaniards are the biggest party animals

While the French send more hearts than any other region, and Australians use double the average amount of alcohol-themed emoji

MasMovil awarded Best Virtual Mobile Operator 2014

The most popular Plan Zero scooped the top prize
taxis Spain

Spain’s un’appy cabbies up-in-arms over new carpooling apps

Protests were held across the country

JLS in Marbella: Local photographer’s lucky shot… on his phone!

Celebrity snapper Johnny Gates took a photo of JLS on his phone which made it into English national newspapers

Phones can ruin relationships, research shows

Researchers at Essex University found mobile phone use can have a negative effect on closeness and conversation

Telephone is tops for expats in Spain

New research shows talking on the phone is just as good as meeting in the flesh

UK and Spain are working longer hours than ever

Increasing number of workers are spending more time wrapped up in work

The ‘crazy’ expats who rung the changes in Spain

Bosses of mobile start up company MASmovil have got 100,000 customers in just four years – and now they are after the expat market





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