Phone charges are going upA NEW app is promising to make international phone calls 70% cheaper without using Wi-Fi.

Orange Spain’s Blablablapp, unlike Whatsapp or Skype, uses standard mobile networks which  increases connection quality.

The free app is available for Android and iOS users and offers calls to over 200 countries starting at 1 cent per minute.

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  1. Or move to France where there are at least 4 companies offering a 3-in-1 package – sat. TV / Internet and tel. to 80 countries worldwide 24/7 landline-to-landline + 2H per month to mobiles in France.
    That nasty little ferret SarKozy put the TVA up from 5% to 19%, so that we pay with Orange €52 per month. When we move we will change to Free @€29 per month.

    The Dutch used to offer a similar system but that stopped 2 years ago. Free offer a 2H per month mobile @ €2 per month with extra minutes @ 0.056C per minute.

    I don’t know of another EU country that offers services at anywhere near these rates – why not – the Three Musketeers would not be amused – all for one and one for all – not in the EU pal.

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