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Benidorm man records sex video on Spain’s Costa Blanca and posts it on WhatsApp without woman knowing

A Benidorm man has been arrested for distributing a video on WhatsApp of him having sex with a woman he met at a night...

COVID hoax message tricks people into queuing outside a mass vaccination centre on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN estimated 150 people were hoaxed by a phone message telling them that they could go and get a COVID vaccination in Denia last...

WhatsApping while driving will lose you SIX POINTS from licence, under new DGT plans

WHATSAPP messaging while behind the wheel will soon see drivers lose six points from their licences. The new measures by Spain’s Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT)...

Social media giant blocks Podemos days before election in Spain

The left-wing party had been using Whatsapp to connect with tens of thousands of supporters and deliver campaign messages ahead of April 28

PUT IT DOWN: More fines handed out for using mobiles than drink driving in Spain’s Malaga

Some 3,344 offenders were fined between January and August this year

Police foil Franco supporter’s plot to assassinate Spain Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez

The 63-year-old painted himself as a martyr, writing in the WhatsApp group, 'I am willing to sacrifice myself for Spain'

Spain’s San Fermin bull running festival gets underway

Pamplona town hall has been fighting to reassure women that the festival is safe to attend

Parents allowed to read kids’ Whatsapp messages, court rules in Pontevedra

The judge ruled that there was a legal clash with Article 154 of the country’s civil code, relating to parental responsibilities.

You can now track your friends on WhatsApp in controversial new feature

YOU can now track your friends on WhatsApp as they move around on a personalised map. The new feature, similar to Snapchat maps, is meant...

Spanish teenagers arrested for disturbing Halloween animal torture video

The group were also planning to snatch a random girl on Halloween and torture her

Startup launching free mobile service in Spain following international success

The company expects to gain between 500,000 and one million Spanish users

Gunfight in Granada arranged over WhatsApp

Two rival gangs met in a park in Granada with one 19-year-old taken to hospital suffering from a severe bullet wound

WhatsApp pervert arrested

A man accused of coercing two underage girls into sexual intimacy has been arrested

Running away from new technology

WhatsApp with all these new ways to communicate?

‘E’ for English – the big bold letter

After a good five months in Spain, I am now able to consume copious amounts of olive oil on a regular basis without suffering from any negative dietary side effects!

Marbella mystery surrounding missing Agnese Klavina deepens: Olive Press Investigates

Police arrest three - one allegedly British - over the disappearance of Agnese, who was out with mayor of Marbella’s stepson on the night she vanished

First case of ‘Whatsappitis’ diagnosed in Granada hospital

A pregnant women was given medication and ordered not to touch her phone

Police phone messages reveal extreme violence at Madrid riots

Investigations into Saturday's violence in Madrid get underway

WhatsApp and Facebook’s big night out in Barcelona

Jan Koum celebrated his app's birthday with Mark Zuckerberg and singer Psy




EXPLAINER: What happens when lava flow from La Palma volcano in Spain’s Canary Islands reaches the sea?

SINCE September 19 when the Cumbre Vieja volcano suddenly burst into life spewing molten lava and explosive gases high into the air, a lava...


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