YOU can now track your friends on WhatsApp as they move around on a personalised map.

The new feature, similar to Snapchat maps, is meant to make it easier to meet up with friends and let loved ones know that you’re safe.

Friends’ and family’s profile pictures will appear as an icon that will move around a Google-style interactive map.

In the latest version of the internet messaging app, the option to share your location will appear under the attach function when sending messages to a single person or group.

You can choose how long you want to share your journey and who with, and tap send.

Each person in the chat will be able to see exactly what you’re up to and if you’re running late.

If more than one person shares their location, they will appear on the same map.

Android and iPhone owners will start to see the option to share their location in the coming weeks.

The update has proven controversial for some.

Domestic abuse charities fear abusers will use the function to keep a tighter grip on their victims.


Snapchat’s similar Snapmaps had police fearing it could be used by kidnappers or stalkers as youngsters were being encouraged to share their locations.

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    • Seriously? Its an app for goodness sake. Let’s try to keep some perspective. There is also a settings button that allows the user to customise and switch stuff off but heaven forbid that some users might take some responsibility for their own actions.

  1. It’s not just apps, it’s also adverts served to people when they browse. You’d be amazed how much information companies like Google and Facebook amass over time – they know the daily routines of billions of people, where they are, what they like, what they don’t like, what they purchase, who they know, what trends they follow, what political content they read, and so on. Regulation is essential, indeed a new tax is needed to tax these companies for what is essentially our information. Google and Facebook et al turn the person in to a commodity, so a tax for them to use our content sounds fair.

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