A Murcia man, 60, has plead guilty to grooming a girl by pretending to be a fan of pop star Justin Bieber in a ruse to get naked photos of her.

The man was given two years in jail- suspended for five years- along with a five-year-ban on any involvement with children and a €3,000 compensation payment to the victim.

He’s also been prohibited from making any contact with the victim for seven years and from stepping foot in the unnamed Murcia region municipality that she lives in.

The pervert- named as Carlos R- befriended her in 2013 on a Justin Bieber social media network used mainly by children.

He created a bogus profile of a teenage boy to hoodwink the 12-year-old girl.

Over the next few years, he built up the youngster’s trust in a series of Whatsapp and phone calls which made her believe they were in an online relationship.

He fuelled even sent photos of the young man that he was pretending to be, including full-frontal naked shots.

He constantly wanted her to reciprocate with similar images, but she declined until January 2017, when she agreed to send several intimate photos.

The girl’s mother was fully aware of the online relationship but not of the naked mages being swapped.

She started to get suspicious and told her daughter that she could not contact the ‘boy’ until she spoke to one of his parents.

The pervert got that angle covered by getting a woman to impersonate his mother in a phone call.

She told the girl’s mother that her son was a ‘very genuine and decent 19-year-old person who offered no cause for concern’.

Eventually the concerned parent discovered what was going on and reported the online groomer to the police.


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