THE Madrid Provincial Court handed down a 686-year jail term on Tuesday to one of Spain’s most notorious paedophiles after he abused 98 children.

31-year-old Jose Angel S. used social media to create bogus profiles to groom youngsters and then sexually abuse them directly or online.

The paedophile has also been ordered to pay compensation to some of his victims, varying between €1,000 and €16,000.

He was convicted of 227 crimes, but acquitted of 59 counts of cyberbullying; three counts of sexual abuse; and two crimes of the corruption of minors.

Between 2015 and 2018, Jose Angel S. took to Instagram and WhatsApp to make contact with boys and girls aged under 16.

On some occasions he pretended to be a girl, known as L, so that he could have obscene sexual conversations with youngsters.

Other bogus identities were that of an ‘adult man’ and a ‘younger child’.

His victims were then tricked into sending him pornographic material,

He also arranged meetings under false pretences and offered money or gifts for children to have sex with him.

18 boys and girls were physically abused by the paedophile.

Meetings were arranged via the bogus girl L, who told youngsters that she would only hook up with them if they met a ‘friend of hers’

Jose Angel S. was arrested in September 2018 ahead of this year’s trial and sentencing.


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