SPAIN and Britain are at the forefront of Europe’s increasing devotion to work.

Early- morning email checking has led to longer working days, a survey has found – with British employees putting in the most hours of all.

The average UK worker checks their emails at home at 7.17am, launching them into work mode seven minutes before their European and American counterparts.

And it is not until 12 hours later – at 7.02pm – that they finally put down their mobiles and stop thinking about their job.

Coinciding with the precarious economic situation, a study found that 8 out of ten Spanish workers admit to spending more time at work compared with 2010.

Furthermore, 86 per cent of Spaniards would be willing to take on a second job to make sure they keep afloat during the economic crisis.

And according to a survey carried out by, 83 per cent of Spanish workers will not enjoy a summer holiday this year either because they have not the financial means or they are simply afraid of losing their jobs.


  1. I am not at all surprised at this but it is being reported that more people in britain will be staying at home this summer as not only can they not afford a summer holiday away but even days out is expensive. Apparently the average day can cost up to £80 for a family.

    We are all suffering and it would appear to be getting worse instead of better :(

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