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Families in need have to wait three months to get access to a food bank in Alicante 

FAMILIES in need face a three-month wait before being granted access to a food bank in Alicante.  Local NGO Colonia Requena has sent a letter...

Almost half of the beneficiaries of Malaga-based foodbank work full-time 

A LOCAL food bank has reported that 47% of its users are full-time employees whose wage does not cover their basic needs. Malaga-based NGO Asaec...

Economic report shows 30% of Spain’s Balearic Island residents cannot afford to live there

More than 30% of people living on the Balearic Islands cannot afford to live there, according to new research.  An Economic and Social Council (CES)...

DIFFICULT TIMES: Depression and anxiety at all time high across Spain’s Malaga thanks to COVID-19

NO one can honestly downplay the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the social landscape across Spain. And almost all can agree the past...

Torrevieja distributes 2,000 food parcels to needy on Spain’s Costa Blanca amid coronavirus crisis

TORREVIEJA has seen an extraordinary campaign of kindness emerge during the coronavirus crisis. During the last week, its Social Welfare Department has delivered 2,022 food...

Elderly allowed to exercise as from April 29 as part of Gibraltar ‘Golden Hour’ scheme

With the number of Gibraltar COVID-19 cases staying at ten the elderly can now exercise freely as minister predicts tough times ahead.

Church weddings hit historic low in Spain

Only 22.2% of 68,560 couples tied the knot at the country's catholic altars in the first half of 2016

Spanish house evictions reached 100 per day in 2014

Almost 100 families per day were evicted from their homes in Spain last year, fresh statistics reveal

Algatocin baker creates world’s most expensive bread… with gold

The golden loaves from Pan Pina come with a hefty price tag and marketed as a luxury item

Spain’s ghost town shows signs of life

Labelled as Spain's ghost town, Sesena is showing signs of a property resurgence

Spain only EU country with improved economic forecast for 2015

The IMF has announced a light at the end of the tunnel for Spain despite its many debts and high unemployment rate
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Andalucia suffers second highest poverty rate during economic crisis

Economic studies demonstrate how Andalucia is fairing during the crisis

Nuns lose the abbey habit

Paid-per-hour work is slashed, leaving nuns out in the cold

Cut-price alcohol off the menu in Spanish parliament

The move follows public outrage at the fact taxpayers are footing the bill for subsidised alcohol in MP's cafeterias

Spaniards flock to Germany to escape recession

Soaring unemployment has driven a record number of Spaniards to leave the country

Protestors clash with police in Madrid

Violence broke out during demonstrations outside the parliament building

Spain to host next year’s MotoGP

Jerez de la Frontera will be one of the tracks holding races despite the economic crisis

Andalucia Masters cancelled

The economic crisis in Spain has claimed another casualty, one of its biggest golfing tournaments

A golden opportunity

With gold at a four-month high, Rund Abdelfatah explores the ways in which you can turn your trinkets into treasure

Spain still loves a tipple

The Breweries in Spain Association (BSA) has found the Spanish still prefer to drink in bars rather than at home

UK and Spain are working longer hours than ever

Increasing number of workers are spending more time wrapped up in work

Our shock absorber

La Linea mayoress praises Gibraltar as she and new leader Picardo start to build bridges locally

Spain gets a new government

The conservative PP party has won a record victory in the general election dominated by the country's looming debt crisis




Valencia fire: Death toll of ‘Spain’s Grenfell’ reaches 10 – including a mother and her children

THE death toll from Thursday's fire at a housing complex in the Campanar area of Valencia City has gone up to 10 people but...


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