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Spanish house evictions reached 100 per day in 2014

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Foreclosures in 2014 were almost 10% higher than the year before

NEW statistics have revealed that almost 100 families per day were evicted from their homes in Spain last year.

Over 95 families struggled to meet their payments each day in 2014.

Foreclosures in 2014 were almost 10% higher than the year before
Foreclosures in 2014 were almost 10% higher than the year before

Moreover, a staggering total of 119,442 foreclosures took place over a range of different properties including offices, farms and holiday homes last year.

The number of 10% higher than the year before.

Figures from Spain´s National Institute of Statistics, INE, revealed that over 95 families were ousted from their homes each day as they failed to stretch to their mortgage payments.

The economic crisis hit in 2008 and saw seven years of recession from which the country is only starting to recover in recent months.

The regions hit the hardest were Andalucia, Catalonia and Valencia.

Electoral campaigns have concentrated on house evictions and temporary changes were made to protect some of Spain´s most vulnerable residents.

More optimistically, unemployment in January 2015 was calculated at 23.7%, down from 25.93% the same time last year.

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  1. “The economic crisis, which started in 2008, stretched over seven years”

    And the crisis continues, of course. Evictions will not stop in 2015. Everyone wants Spain to recover, but “recovery” is not a blip in the unemployment figures nor is it 0.5% growth.

  2. And meanwhile the authorities continue carry on looking at the slow motion train crash, more evictions, more houses being knocked down giving negative publicity… If they only had a few in charge that were not corrupt and had a few brain cells between them. Time does not wait and it is more of the same, yes at €1.40 euros to the pound they will still be selling some properties but they are missing the bigger picture. As said before, I was going to build a large extension for €83k euros, but the local town hall went against their word of approving the plans as they started adding in work that the Mayors building Company wanted to do, adding a road on my land.. I gave up, yes, no one gets planning permission for miles around in this area so guess what, no one gets any work as people like me can’t be bothered with the aggro, I have too many other places / things to spend my money on to worry about stressing myself out with a bunch of corrupt, power hungry dimbats. Spain – good for a holiday an some sunshine, corruption is holding them back.

  3. Reap,
    materials in France are more expensive than Spain and though it would be much quicker to buy an existing house and make a few changes it will not be what we want and though age is against us building a house on one level of around 125sq.m. to my own design with excellent insulation which suits us perfectly should have an all in cost of approx. €80K + €20-30K for the land, 1000-1500sq.m. – your extension must be very large to cost that much. Out of curiosity what U value would this extension have had?

  4. Hi Stuart, I have a ‘bungalow’ and the extension was going to make the frontage of the building 28 mtrs wide, yes it was going to be a massive extension. The kitchen was going to be 42 sqr mtrs and I was also having a kitchenette, lots of bathrooms a couple of lounges. Anyway, I am stuck with only three bedrooms and two bathrooms for now but it is enough for a couple of weeks holiday in the summer! U value, lol, probably minus 54! The builders I use who are good in the sense that they have done a lot of work for me and my two concrete tiled pools are still good 10 years later etc. I have seen them doing building work and they use the concrete / metal columns and the two rows of orange blocks with the insulation inside, not the pumped insulation but the sheets of wool looking stuff, similar to that which you may find in your loft, but I know where you are going, they don’t build to Scandinavian standards the buildings are like fridges in the Winter, even on the coast. In Feb this year the coastal area in the South was at 0c and at my Villa it can go to minus 10c. That is when your un-insulated plastic water meter bursts even though it is embedded in a wall and even if the water is off as there is still water in the meter. I have thrown a bit of insulation in there now but the dial still has to be read.

  5. Reap,
    it’s the same with old houses and not so old houses here in France, that’s why the French are so happy to sell them to foreigners. I always have a laugh when I see ads for houses with ‘lovely exposed stone walls’.

    Snap with the plastic water meter. This happened to us in 2012 (-17C). the proprietor of the house we rent had’nt bothered to see that the water supply pipe was insulated for the last 30-40cm below ground and up to and including the meter itself – without water for 10 days. All completely avoidable with a little common sense.

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