A LOCAL food bank has reported that 47% of its users are full-time employees whose wage does not cover their basic needs.

Malaga-based NGO Asaec claims that high food inflation has tipped many minimum wage employees over the edge when it comes to affording to feed their families.

Asaec President Antonio Paneque told the Olive Press that the number of people his organisation is helping has exploded by 40% since the start of 2020. 

“There are people with salaries of €1,100, €1,200, €1,300, but these are wages that have not kept up with inflation.”

“Some basic products have gone up by 50% and we have families of four members that pay €180 for electricity every month.”

He added: “Some people need to choose between paying for electricity or groceries. We are getting a number of people asking for canned meals because they cannot afford to switch on the cooker.”

Canned Food For Asaec Story
Some people are asking for canned food because they cannot afford to turn on the heater. Photo by creative commons.

Paneque explained that he believes the situation is going to get worse unless politicians properly face the problem.

He said: “The government and local authorities need to work together to solve this issue. This is not only happening in Malaga but in all cities and municipalities across Spain.”

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