THE ELDERLY Spanish woman may have been talking to Queen Letizia, but that didn’t stop her from using some colourful language when she got a chance to meet her in the southern city of Cordoba on Thursday.

‘I love you and your husband and your children very much!’ the lady shouted from the crowd, in reference to Letizia, King Felipe VI and their daughters, Leonor and Sofia.

‘The rest of them can go f*ck themselves!’ she continued. It was not immediately clear if the lady was referring to the rest of the royals, such as disgraced former king Juan Carlos I, or the critics of the royal family.   

‘Wow,’ was the reaction of the Spanish queen, who also proffered several thank yous to the lady as she slowly backed away.

‘All four of you! You’re excellent and fabulous! And I love you!’ the woman added. ‘And not just me, all of Spain!’

The queen was visiting the Andalusian city to support youngsters who had created projects as part of the so-called Talent Tour, as well as presiding the ceremony to award the 2023 Princess of Girona Arts and Literature Prize.

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