AN EXPAT on the Costa del Sol has had his wifi, phone cable and television signal all cut off from his provider, without any notice or a reason why.

Edwin Ashworth, who lives in Fuengirola has an account with Movistar, but since last Sunday, he has been completely cut off.

“I don’t understand why they would do this, especially since they haven’t given me a reason.”

The 77-year-old lives alone and needs wifi in order to be able to contact his family back in the UK.

Ashworth, originally from Greater Manchester can’t even use his Spanish mobile phone, because Movistar has cut his signal.

“Luckily I managed to top up my British phone with EE and can use that, otherwise I would be completely isolated without a way of contacting others.”

The pensioner tried ringing the company but they kept telling him that due to coronavirus they were taking longer to sort out these issues.

Ashworth is angry about the fact that every time he or his friend David call to fix this problem, he’s met with the same response.

“It’s ridiculous how it’s been a week now and they don’t even bother to update me or at least tell me why they cut me off.”

The Brit doesn’t leave his apartment even to go buy food, he gets his essentials delivered, because he’s in the high risk category.

“It’s so infuriating because I’m entirely at their mercy and can’t do anything about it.”

A spokesperson for Movistar told the Olive Press: “We are looking into this case, it may have been caused by a technical glitch, but at the moment there’s nothing more we can say.”

They also failed to mention a definitive time of when this would be sorted out.


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