young drivers (1)THEY used to be every teenager’s freeway to freedom – the  keys to your first car.

But a set of wheels is no longer what’s firing up the youth of today, according to management consultants KPMG.

Young adults now put smartphones and tablets above cars as the ultimate symbol of freedom.

Statistically, 567,273 Spaniards aged 18-20 possessed a driving licence in October 2008 but, by October 2014, the number had dropped to 395,913.

The new figures are a major cause of concern for 54% of senior car sector officials, who are worried about what the decreasing demand from under 25s will mean for the industry.

The financial crisis limited the purchasing power of young drivers and their parents. But historically too, Spain’s young petrol heads have been decreasing in number.

During the 1980s, 20% of drivers were aged 18-24 but, by 2012, the figure had dropped to just 8%.

The rise of eco-warriors, improved public transport, the high cost of running a car and the rise of social media in connecting people are all possible factors for the decline.



  1. Well, in the U.K, Asda, Tesco, et al do that job Fred, internet orders delivered with their little vans. Can’t imagine they’d cope with the Campo though. Might be room for Mercadona or someone to get in there. If only for the entertainment derived from the cocked-up deliveries

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