Full length of young men and women holding cellphoneMOBILE phone tariffs in Spain have increased for the first time since records began.

Call prices rose by 0.9% between the second and third quarters of 2015, according to statistics from the government’s business department.

It marks the first increase since 2009, during which time mobile phone charges have decreased by almost 70%.

In 2009, average call charges in Spain were 16.39 centimos per minute compared to 6.23 in 2015.

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  1. Fred,
    it should’nt be down to the EU but national governments representing the best interests of their people.

    I remember being outraged when it became public knowledge that it cost BT no more to connect numbers from one end of the UK to the other, than connecting to the house next door but with the huge difference in pricing. When I spoke with a friend who was a BT engineer, they had always known this but never bothered to inform the electorate – why not.

    FREE caused a storm in France when they introduced their tariffs, so all other providers had to follow suit. Orange charge €5.99 per month. If the EU was really effective they would have forced other countries to match France, which is after all is much larger than a lot of EU countries – has the EU been effective here. Thought I’d mention this in case others don’t.

  2. Is there anyone with at least half their brain working who does’nt clearly understand that governments are controlled by big business – I said national governments should represent the best interest of their people, they don’t, there is an answer but it terrifies the peasants so they get what they get.

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