AN incredible 3,400 drivers were fined in just one week in a crackdown on using mobile phones while driving.

Guardia Civil patrols stopped almost 400,000 vehicles during the campaign, which also targeted the use of GPS systems and headphones.

A total of 4,201 fines were issued, 38 of which were for programming GPS systems, with a further 169 people were punished for using headphones and earphones connected to appliances such as iPods.

Studies suggest the use of mobile phones while driving can be as dangerous as driving while over the drink-drive limit.

According to Trafico officials, driver distraction contributed to 48 per cent of fatal accidents in the year to date up to April 14.

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  1. This photo shows a UK driver, and since this is a Spanish website, the correct photo needs to be used. Sloppy editing, tut tut. The road is also too immaculate. It needs more potholes and other obstacles. A goat or two, perhaps

  2. Not moi I’m afraid. Owning three cars, two in Spain and one in the UK I should know where the steering wheels are. I’m impersonated on other threads too… one gets used to it.

    Mary, need I remind you that estate agents are lower than amoeba in the Spanish hierarchy of living things lol.

  3. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Fred …..I was thinking of asking the olive press to start a “real fred fan club”

    by the way please dont insult the amoeba its a single cell organism unlike the estate agent which is a common parasite on the costa del sol.

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