A Benidorm man who made and distributed child pornography has been arrested after Swiss police tipped off their Spanish counterparts.

The 30-year-old has been charged for the corruption of a minor as well as the production of the obscene material.

Police in Switzerland were probing child abuse cases when they came across an IP address that was distributed private files containing pornography.

The address was in Spain and Interpol and the Policia Nacional were contacted to track down the offender.

The child porn distributor was difficult to locate as he kept using different IP addresses.

He used different social networks to exchange material which included photographs he had taken of a child.

The man’s location was discovered in Benidorm and he was arrested.

A protection order was also issued for a child who had been abused.

A computer hard drive filled with child pornography was seized at the man’s home.

Police also took a mobile phone used to contact people on messaging apps as they exchanged photos and videos.

The Policia Nacional praised the international cooperation that led to the man’s arrest.

A statement said: “We must highlight the brilliant coordination between police forces and Interpol that allowed us to seize a multitude of paedophile material as well as the arrest of the suspect.”


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