HALF of Spanish drivers are unhappy about the forthcoming 10km increase in the national speed limit, according to a survey.

The Centre for Sociological Investigation quizzed drivers about a range of road safety issues, and despite 38% of participants admitting they often drive over the limit, 50% said they were against the increase to 130km/hour, which is expected to become law in March.

Elsewhere, the most often-cited safety issue among those questioned was motorcyclists not wearing a helmet, followed by not putting children in an infant chair, and driving without a seat belt.

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  1. @stefanjo, the OP is mutating into a interstitial nightmare. Luckily, there is AdBlock. Works like a charm.

    Coming back to topic, the speed limit is an irrelevance when Spanish drivers are so inconsiderate. No indication, cutting up, driving one centimetre from your bumper, overtaking at every possible chance, never giving way (ever ever ever), parking in the worst blackspots i.e. in the white lined areas, and on it goes. How did a nation get so bad at driving? Driving habits tell you a lot about a nation lol.

  2. Aargh, they’ve changed to home improvements.Indeed Fred, it’s like being squeezed between the seminiferous tubules of the testis. And don’t get started on the parking. And will they Queue? They didn’t GET bad at driving, they’ve never known any other way.

  3. I don’t believe it! Just No!
    I thought most Spanish didn’t even take a lesson or exam. But I’ve learnt the lessons are bad. Around here the schools ‘teach’ out-and-round, like you’re driving a bus or truck. Its almost unbelievably idiotic. Also, change gears to slow down!!
    Fred’s right on his summary.

    What you should have is much much higher speed limits on the motorway. And serious fines for shity driving – not speeding.
    Like pulling out (in third?) and not speeding up until the fag’s finished!

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