THREE people have been arrested after police evicted 13 families that had been squatting in a disused building in Malaga.

Those arrested were said to have created a disturbance after climbing onto the roof of the Corrala de Buena Ventura, an abandoned building taken over by the families eight months ago.

The arrestees were part of a wider protest group which gathered to demonstrate against the eviction, which has resulted in 12 children being left homeless.

Witnesses said the police were using excess force against both the protestors and evictees. One report said the police broke down doors and smashed windows, while another claimed they arrived in 15 vans.

The families moved into the squat in February after becoming unemployed and losing their homes.

In a statement, Malaga Social Services said 11 of the families would receive economic help.

The general secretary for housing at the Junta de Andalucia, meanwhile, criticised police intervention, saying the issue was a social, not one of public order.


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