A POLITICIAN from the conservative Popular Party is facing prosecution after the Spanish Civil Guard caught him driving an official car at 215km/h on a highway with a 120km/h limit on Sunday in the Castilla y Leon region. 

Jose Manuel Baltar, who is the president of the Provincial Council in Ourense, Galicia and the head of the local branch of the PP, was initially given a €600 fine and was docked six points from a total of 12 on his driving licence. 

But the Civil Guard later analysed the case further and concluded that his speed was so high that the incident could be considered a criminal offence, and he could be facing prosecution as a result. 

The opposition Socialist Party has called on Baltar to ‘immediately quit’ out of ‘democratic decency’ according to Spanish daily El Pais.

A spokesperson from the Provincial Council told the newspaper that Baltar was driving to Madrid at the time he was stopped, where he was due to take part in a series of meetings. He had permission to use the official car that he was driving. 

Spain’s Provincial Councils exist to oversee public services in the municipalities throughout the province, as well as promoting the interests of the same. 

Baltar has held the position of president in the Ourense Provincial Council since 2012, taking over the role from his father, Jose Luis Baltar Pumar.

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