A SPEED camera in Malaga generates the highest number of fines in Andalucia, and third highest in Spain, according to the latest report from the country’s traffic authority, the DGT.

The speed camera located at kilometre 246 of the A-7, at Cerrado de Calderón (in the direction of Almeria) recorded 47,246 speeding fines in 2021—ranked third nationally, behind Navarre (57,961) and the Valencian Community (60,525).

As specified in the report ‘Radiografía de las multas de tráfico en España 2021‘ (breakdown of traffic fines in Spain 2021) published last Wednesday, August 24, by Automovilistas Europeos Asociados (AEA), 4,793,520 infringements were recorded throughout the country last year.

With Andalucia among the communities where fewer fines per kilometre have been made. In fact speeding fines in the region only account for 20.4% of all national offences and those in Andalucia have been reduced by 9.8% compared to 2019 (pre-covid) where 1,077,802 fines were registered.

That said, during 2020, five speed cameras in Malaga were among the most active in Spain.

The communities where speeding infringements have increased the most compared to 2019 were Aragon (58.5%); Navarra (46.8%); Castilla y Leon (39.1%); Galicia (33.5%); Cantabria (31.8%); Murcia (12.6%); Canarias (6.1%); Asturias (2.2%) and Comunidad Valenciana (1.9%).  


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