MARCHING: The Bremain in Spain gang at a previous Brexit protest

Thousands of Britons living in Spain will be denied a vote in the upcoming General Election despite Brexit being a key campaign issue for populants. 

The 15-year-old rule means that UK nationals living abroad for that duration are denied a vote in their homeland. 

The win for the Conservative party will no doubt see a push towards an EU exit, while if the left-leaning parties won a majority, the possibility of a People’s Vote will be much higher.

The Olive Press recently spoke to many British expats living in the Costa del Sol, who said they felt the law was unfair and they should have been able to vote in the 2016 referendum. 

It is estimated around 60 percent of the 4.9 million British people living abroad can’t vote.

However, some are in favour of the rule, claiming it saves a huge amount of money on the administrative work it takes to register nationals living abroad. 

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