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CAPTURED: Police in Belgium found the suspect in Ana’s stolen car

AN arrest has been made in Belgium following an investigation into the suspected murder of a retired expat known as ‘Ana.’

Ana’s body was found in Tolox by her brother, one of her only living relatives.

The brother arrived at her farm house, in Tolox, at around 5pm after she didn’t pick up the phone for their daily call.

There he found the body of his last remaining sibling, hidden under blankets and with obvious signs of violence.

He immediately called 112.

Guardia Civil from nearby Coin took charge of the case and searched the property for clues.

As the Olive Press reported last week, the police were hunting for a Belgian in which Ana could have been romantically involved with. It is reported he was helping Ana renovate her house, and had been known to stay over.

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TOLOX: On the rolling hills near Malaga

It is thought the suspect absconded in Ana’s Mercedes, with neighbours hearing the noise of a car at around 5am.

Provisional results of the autopsy, which was carried out at the Malaga Institute of Legal Medicine, suggest that the victim had suffered multiple blows to the head and was killed when one of those blows fractured her skull.

There was no signs of forced entry, so it’s probable Ana at least knew her victim.

The suspect has been detained in Belgium under a European Arrest Warrant put out by the Guardia Civil, for murder and violent robbery. He was driving Ana’s Mercedes when caught.

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