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NEW STORES: Tesco is expanding on the Iberian peninsula

TESCO is set to open more stores in Spain. 

Britain’s largest supermarket flung the doors open to its first shop on the Spanish mainland in Murcia a couple of weeks ago.  

Operating under The Food Co brand, Puerto de Mazarron’s Tesco sells 7,500 mostly British products, including beers, teas, sausages and cheese. 

But, now the British supermarket giant has revealed plans to conquer Mijas and Ibiza, where it hopes to open stores soon. 

The supermarket chain aims to have shops in Madrid and Barcelona by 2021, according to consumer thinktank Alimarket.  

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POPULAR: Brits flocked to the opening day of the Murcia store

The Herefordshire-based supermarket chain is being dubbed the ‘British Mercadona’ by retail insiders. 

Tesco has 2,500 stores in 12 countries in Europe and Asia. 

It has a 27% market share in the United Kingdom, slightly higher than Mercadona’s 25% share of the market in Spain.  

The supermarket has struggled to compete with the emergence of discount retailers like Aldi and Lidl into the British supermarket scene in the last few years and has seen its market dominance gradually eroded. 

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