A MAN accused of ransacking hostels and robbing tourists on the Costa del Sol has been arrested.

Police held the 24-year-old Moroccan after it was alleged he targeted five different sets of holidaymakers in Malaga.

The alleged thief was tracked down to a hotel in Marbella, where he is believed to have posed as a tourist, before intending to flee to North Africa.

A Policia Nacional probe was launched after an alleged victim at a hostel in Malaga City had a €1,800-computer stolen on October 24.

Tourists Malaga
TOURISTS: An alleged thief was arrested after being accused of robbing holidaymakers at Malaga hostels

A week later at another hostel, a woman alleged that her laptop, camera and hard drive had been taken, while a fellow guest had their computer snatched.

Then, on November 13, another alleged victim had €400 worth of cash, speakers and a charger stolen.

Meanwhile, a second person at the same establishment informed police that their €900-computer had been robbed.

Investigators claim the suspect ‘broke wardrobe and locker doors to seize the valuables he found inside’.

They also believe the man, who is thought to have made €6,000 from his alleged crimes was not a guest at the hostels, but simply broke his way in.

A police spokesperson said that all the alleged victims: “Were foreign tourists who were staying in shared accommodation where several guests share a room.”

They added: “The thief would have taken advantage of the moments he was left alone in the shared room or when guests were absent from their individual rooms.”

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