David Klein Dog  2
RICHES: Trickster David Klein poses by his Rolls-Royce

David Klein has been in the limelight for over 60 years. But not always for the right reasons

The Euro Weekly News’s in-house canine columnist for 20 years first hit the headlines at the youthful age of 17, for impersonating a police officer. 

And like any stray mutt, it seems you couldn’t teach ‘David the dogman’ new tricks. 

After leaving for Spain he moved on to pedalling dodgy driving licences to expats, in between hacking rivals’ websites. And in doing so accumulated a string of enemies along the Costa del Sol throughout the 90s and onwards. 

Notoriously, his dog-whistle scam-buster group ‘Costa del Sol Action Group,’ claimed to expose scams, while simultaneously marketing new ones. 

However, he had to die before the most shocking revelation could come to earth: a multi-million tax fiddle

What’s more eyebrow raising is that another less reputable newspaper gave dodgy David free reign on its pages to build a reputation for himself, which allowed him to get away scot free for so long.

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  1. The expression is ‘free rein’ guys, as in giving a horse it’s head… I’m not usually such a pedant, but I have come across ‘reign’ twice today on these pages.

    Characters like Klein always fascinate me, and I’ve run into a few in my time. As long as they are not parting you from your cash they are certainly interesting types to drink a beer with.

    Location : Kent, England

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