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OPINION: British conman David Klein moved to Spain’s Costa del Sol but couldn’t move on from his criminal past

And like any stray mutt, it seems you couldn’t teach ‘David the dogman’ new tricks

REVEALED: Notorious Costa del Sol trickster David Klein’s €1 million euro tax avoidance scam in Spain

He hadn’t been declaring the income to the Spanish tax authorities

Costa del Sol DJ crashes brand new Range Rover into radio studio doors

David 'the dogman' Klein suffered the mother of all parking nightmares

David’s in the dog house

Klein cannot deny the embarrassing irony of this whole affair

Head on collision with David ‘the dogman’ Klein, a hacked website and international driving ‘licences’

EXCLUSIVE: Motoring expert Brian Deller and pet lover David ‘The Dogman’ Klein lock horns over international driving ‘licences’ controversially sold by Klein to expats for hundreds of euros

My bizarre night at British tycoon’s ‘Marbella harem’

Jon Clarke recalls the evening he was invited to the palatial home of Shoja ‘Sacha’ Shojai to discuss plans for a proposed university

We’ve lost millions, claim investors

Offshore Investment Brokers is the subject of a number of complaints from disgruntled investors

You wouldn’t sell it to your mother! The problem of rogue IFAs in Spain

As the EU investigates ways of helping expat victims report unregistered financial advisors, James Bryce swims with the financial sharks to look at the problem of rogue IFAs operating in Spain

Clampdown on finance rogues in Spain

EU to investigate unregulated financial advisors defrauding expats in Spain




Band of plucky Zapatistas set sail for Spain to begin peaceful invasion of Europe

ON the anniversary of the fall of Tenochtitlan and the start of Spain's rule in Mexico, a group of indigenous Zapatistas have set sail...