26 Jun, 2014 @ 13:31
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David’s in the dog house

klein off twitter

DAVID ‘the dogman’ Klein can argue over the technical legalities of international driving licences, or ‘permits’, as much as he likes.

But he cannot deny the overwhelming irony of the affair.

For Klein runs the Costa del Sol Action Group, that claims to prevent people being ripped off by unregulated financial advisors, while brazenly selling these ‘licences’ at a hugely over inflated price.

Klein, a longtime coastal resident, should know better, particularly having already been arrested and investigated over their sale, albeit, later winning in court.

Whatever, it is a decidedly murky area and the Olive Press salutes pensioner Brian Deller for having the guts to let people know the truth about international driving permits.

So it really is a strange coincidence that silly old Google mistakenly ‘redirected’ Deller’s website to Klein’s own.

What are the chances eh?


Tom Powell

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  1. This is complete daylight robbery if not worse,,,, as an international permit is not needed in the EU, and quite a few other countries, ie: Morocco etc. These licences are freely available from the AA and other organisations for under £15.00,,, A fool and his money are soon parted,,,,

  2. This expose is solely the fault of David who used the same man I used to prepare my web-site to hack and replace it with his own, a criminal, not only a civil, offence in Spain as i have since found but David who was / is selling illegal driving licences made up in Taiwan for hundreds of Euros to people who are desperate for a licence has had his income greatly reduced due to my advising on my web site what they are and how to get one economically, but they are only legal if you already have a current licence for the classifications you have passed.
    In a desperate attempt to hide the facts as if you have a UK licence thay are UK Pds 5, 50 at a Post office in the UK, or from Trafico, only about Euro 12, and you can register your foreign EU licence to get one at Trafico without changing it to a Spanish one if resident here. David claims to have been cleared by a Spanish Court but I opine that his lawyer cleverly only showed the little book part which accompanied the genuine driving licence and the Prosecutor did not see his advert. in a local weekly English language paper used over many months (years?) for “Driving Licences” as the Olive Press reveals.
    If David’s desperate act of removing my web site had not been done,m then he would not have been exposed as I have never reported him, except to his face, which I guess is a “black mark” against me.
    I have report4d opther scams toi the weekly newspaper owners in recent years where adverts for such as “genuine M O T certificates” and “Adjustments of car speedo odometers available” (clocking mileages), but in all cases I have been ignored by the Editors/owners. The Olive Press is to applauded for expose the scams that cost expats dearly here on the Costas.
    Sorry David (and Susan, his wife who has a foul mouth when in conversations. You should have know that you would be caught out. My wife even worked out who did it and I am not stupid even though there are also a few expats here who think I am because i do not accept their warped views on life here and in the World.

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