Desbordamiento Arroyo Proximo Ronda_1420667957_114222842_667x375
OVERFLOWING: This stream near Ronda (Malaga) burst its banks

STORM Elsa continues to wreak chaos across Spain, with the bad weather now having killed three people across the country.

Andalucia has been particularly badly affected by the stormy weather, with 420 instances of flooding being reported in Sevilla province alone.

The downpours have forced local parks to close in the province, while the showers are expected to continue for the rest of the day.

On Sevilla city’s Avenida de Kansas City a man was seriously injured after he was hit by a tree that strong winds had uprooted. 

Andalucian authorities have now launched an emergency plan to deal with the catastrophic fallout of the bad weather, which has seen 50 litres of rain fall in the municipality of Pujerra in just 12 hours. 

Other areas of Andalucia to suffer heavy downpours include Ojen which experienced 49.2 litres of rain in 12 hours and the Sierra de Mijas which was drowned in 48.9 litres in the same amount of time. 

Out of the storm’s three casualties, two of them were killed by falling rocks, one in Asturias and the other in Galicia. 

The third person, a 51-year-old farmer,  died after a tractor he was driving upturned into flood waters in León. 

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