SPAIN’S greatest Formula One driver, Fernando Alonso, has suffered heartache at the Dakar Rally, with a ripped wheel and broken suspension that cost him over two and a half hours. 

The former two-time world champion retired from F1 in 2018 but has not stopped racing. 

Recently he has taken part in the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia, which covers uncharted miles of desert.

Sand dunes 250 metres tall are just one of the many difficulties the drivers have to face.

Although Alonso wanted to win the Dakar Rally, he said he was realistic about his chances as a rookie in an event that requires lots of experience, and this accident proves just that.

Alonso and his co-driver – Dakar legend Marc Coma – ended up fixing the problem themselves and drove the final 120km without any front brakes. 

Alonso said: “At first we planned to wait for assistance.”

The assistance truck travels a few hours behind the racers, so the two Spaniards decided to fix the problem themselves and were successful in doing so. 

Alonso was positive in his reflection: “It is one more experience, I wanted to experience Dakar with all the extras and this is also part of the race.

“I am happy to be here and to be able to continue.”

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