SAUSAGE, corn on the cob, sardines…

These are just some of the offending ingredients included in the worst paellas of the year.

Jamie Oliver already angered Spain for his use of chorizo and now the Olive Press has compiled a Top 10 of the ugliest examples of Spain’s signature dish.

Paella originates from Valencia and the traditional recipe consists of ingredients such as rice, chicken, rabbit and beans amongst others.

Here is the wall of shame of the 10 worst:

10 – Asparagus and mushrooms aligned in a way that makes it look like a sacrifice to the gods
9 – Why would you add all that red cabbage?
Red Cabbage
8 – Why is it smeared in balsamic vinegar?
Balsamic Vingegar
7 – The main ingredient is meant to be rice…
Lack Of Rice
6 – Can’t even begin to imagine what that sauce is
5 – A paella is not meant to be a broth…
4 – Raw shrimps anyone?
Raw Shrimp
3 – Sardines? Seriously?
2 – Not sweetcorn, but corn on the cob… So many questions
Corn On The Cob
1 – Ay Dios mio! Fried eggs!?
Fried Eggs

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