PSOE leader and PM Pedro Sanchez

PEDRO Sanchez will officially become Spain’s prime minister after winning a second vote of confidence. 

Known as a votacion de investidura, it was the second to be called after the PSOE won the most seats in December’s general election but failed to win an overall majority.

The vote saw MPs in Spain’s congress vote for ‘yes’, ‘no’ or abstain from voting for Sanchez’s proposed left-wing government, propped up by Pablo Iglesias’s Podemos and a host of other parties.

There were 167 votes in favour of Sanchez and 165 against, while 18 abstained.

It means he will preside over the first coalition government in Spain since 1939.

The PSOE is propped up by MPs from Unidos Podemos, PNV, Más País, Compromís, Galego Nationalist Block, Teruel Existe and Nueva Canarias.

It was no surprise who voted against the left-wing coalition, with 165 MPs from Partido Popular, Vox, Ciudadanos, Junts per Catalunya, Navarra Suma and others saying ‘no’.

The left erupted into applause, with some shedding tears, when it was revealed Sanchez had clinched the vote.

Representatives screamed ‘si, se puede!’ while Sanchez hugged Iglesias.


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