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‘What have you done?!’ British ambassador to Spain joins chorus of shock over Marks & Spencer’s Chorizo Paella Croquetas

IN THE long list of British crimes against Spanish cuisine, there is a new addition. Marks & Spencer is selling what it is billing...

Culinary Triumph: Malaga claims ‘Best Paella in Spain’ title

IN a culinary showdown Malaga has claimed the title for the best paella in Spain. According to the 62nd edition of the International Valencian Paella...

The University Paellas festival returns to Valencia

VALENCIA'S popular University Paellas festival returns on Friday 21 April with festivities kicking off at 5pm.  There will be a total of five music stages...

No laughing matter: Spanish police call Tesco’s paella sandwich a ‘health hazard’

SPAIN’S Guardia Civil police force have waded into a row over UK retailer Tesco’s paella sandwich. Perhaps still smarting from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s ‘sacrilegious’...

‘You’ll never get it right first time’: Lessons from paella cooking school in Spain’s Valencia

‘You never get paella right the first time’: What happened when novice cook Graham Keeley tried his hand at cooking Spain’s most famous dish

True Valencian paella is under threat from global warming, warn scientists in Spain

THE traditional Valencian paella is under threat from global warming, warn researchers in Spain, who fear one of the key ingredients is nearing extinction...

It’s official: These are the rules of paella as determined by researchers in Spain’s Valencia (and chorizo is most...

WHEN British chef Jamie Oliver released a paella recipe that included chunks of chorizo, it stirred more nationalistic emotions than the issue of Gibraltar’s...

Five Spaniards drive from Spain’s Alicante to Poland to cook paella for refugees fleeing Ukraine

FIVE friends from Spain were so moved by the situation affecting those fleeing the Ukraine that they decided to do what they did best:...

World Paella Day: Spain’s Valencia celebrates with an international paella tournament

WORLD Paella Day, a tribute to Valencia’s most universal dish, is celebrated every September 20— coinciding with the harvesting of its main ingredient: rice. This...

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Perfect Patacona on the Valencian coast

THERE are many restaurants along the wide seafront of Valencia, but Casa Patacona is definitely a case of ‘save the best for last’. Found in...

Where is YOUR favourite Spanish dish on Instagram’s top 10?

ONE of Spain’s most endearing attractions is the fantastic range of beautiful dishes on offer at bars, cafes and restaurants throughout the country. But which,...
Huelva pool town square

Make a splash: Hundreds of private swimming pools across Spain now available to rent by the hour

IF your property in Spain has a private swimming pool you could earn up to €1,200 a month by renting it out to those...

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO… International paella awards granted to restaurants in 10 countries

UP to 275 restaurants in 10 countries have been granted the coveted Wikipaella distinction. Known as the ‘paella Oscars’, Wikipaella is a non-profit organisation backed...

Traditional paella from the Valencia area of Spain could become a UNESCO asset

PAELLA could be labelled as a UNESCO heritage asset if the Valencian government gets its way. An official application process has begun via a declaration...

Causing a stir: New paella making robot set to take over restaurants across Spain

PAELLA traditionalists can be heard slamming down their spatulas across the country after culinary boffins have revealed a robotic arm that is claimed to...

Food for thought: Is chorizo in paella really such a bad thing?

THE other day, while treating myself to a paella in Valencia’s Plaça del Mercat, I asked a passing waiter for alioli.  The horror on the...

Battle of the paellas in world showdown over Spain’s famous dish in Valencia

ONE of Spain's most traditional dishes will be served up this Sunday(September 20) as World Paella Day will be celebrated for the third year...

Football WAG and former British expat Julie Neville teaches you how to make Valencian paella in new Spanish cookbook

She upped sticks to Valencia in 2015, as her ex-Manchester United husband, 43, took on assistant coaching duties at the La Liga side

From sausages to sardines, these are the Top 10 WORST paellas making Spain go loca!

Jamie Oliver already angered Spain for his use of chorizo and now the Olive Press has compiled a Top 10 of the ugliest examples of Spain’s signature dish

It’s World Paella Day, and we’re still arguing about chorizo!

TODAY is World Paella Day, where food fans around the globe celebrate the most universal dish of Spain’s Valencia. It’s a day when passionate Valencianos...

WATCH: Spanish comedian’s hilarious song on why Spain ‘hates the Brits’ goes viral

The tongue-in-cheek medley sees Lopez blast British tourists for mispronouncing paella and drinking too much Stella

Spain crowned world’s healthiest country due to ‘Mediterranean diet’

A ‘Mediterranean diet’, rich in olive oil, nuts, oily fish and vegetables, is thought to be behind the health benefits of Spain and Italy

Some Paella Recipes You Didn’t Know About

There are many traditional dishes in Spanish cuisine, but paella is the most popular. There are more than 300 recipes for the dish, but...

Andalucia Day: The best places to celebrate your Andalusian pride

This annual festival celebrates Andalucia's status as an autonomous community

Hollywood’s Rob Schneider roasted by Spaniards for ‘epic Paella fail’

“This is not paella: this is rice with things.”

The fishy side of Brexit

Our new OP blogger was fascinated to read about the Spanish backlash to Jamie Oliver's take on paella and compares it to Brexit




King Felipe of Spain defends his country’s constitution as he opens Congress after months of political deadlock

THREE of Spain's regional parties boycotted Wednesday's opening of a new Congress session by King Felipe- nearly two weeks after Pedro Sanchez won the...


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