SPAIN’S Guardia Civil police force have waded into a row over UK retailer Tesco’s paella sandwich.

Perhaps still smarting from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s ‘sacrilegious’ recipe for the rice dish that included chorizo sausage, to the outrage of many ‘aficionados’, the police are not impressed with the culinary innovation.

“Today is world paella day, so we need to celebrate with real paella, not with those paellas that are sold abroad,” said the Guardia Civil on their Twitter account.

“The paella sandwich for some people is something amazing, but for others it is disgusting and could be a health hazard,” they added.

Some Spaniards living in the UK are also  ‘surprised’ and can’t believe that there is a paella sandwich.

Carla Cano, 23, currently working as an events assistant in London, told the Olive Press: “It’s a joke. I don’t understand this sandwich. How is it possible that a dish served on a plate like a paella is in a sandwich.”

“I imagine myself having a paella in front of the beach in Spain, not on my way to work in Oxford street,” she added.

And plenty of Spaniards have taken the news extremely seriously. One Spaniard on Twitter thundered: “This is an insult and a lack of respect for a Spanish dish, for a community in Spain, for all Valencianos.”

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