A BRITISH pensioner has been rescued from his home thanks to the diligent efforts of Spanish police. 

The Briton, in his 70s, had not contacted his family in Manchester for a few days over the New Year period.

By January 3, Interpol Manchester informed Policia Nacional of the family’s concerns and sent agents to his flat in Fuengirola immediately, despite it being around 3am.

The police knocked on the door but heard no response.

They began to interview neighbours and contacted hospitals in the area to try and track him down.

It was then that they heard a faint voice coming from inside the house.

According to a police statement, it was too faint to make out any words, but firemen were quickly called to help kick the door down.

The man was found lying on the floor in a state of semi-consciousness, unable to move and with wounds to his head and arms after having a nasty fall.

An ambulance was called and, as he was waiting, he thanked his ‘fellow’ policeman, revealing he had been a copper himself when he lived in the UK.

He is believed to have made a full recovery in Malaga.

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