A SHEPHERD has been left shocked after finding the dismembered body of a missing pensioner.

The Guardia Civil has confirmed that the corpse is that of 89-year-old Celso Ruiz Garcia, who disappeared on December 30.

The elderly man, who has dementia, was missing a leg, arm and forearm when he was discovered dead in Granada yesterday.

Some of his remains had already been located by rescue dogs near nearby at a farmhouse in Zujar earlier this week.

TRAGIC: Missing man Celso was found dead in Granada yesterday

Finding Celso’s hand allowed search teams to be able to identify him from fingerprints.

Guardia Civil dogs continued to search for him after the Andalucian Emergency Group (GREA) completed its efforts on Tuesday.

It comes after police received a call on December 30 at around 8pm from the man’s daughter, to report him missing.

The woman claimed he had gone to take his wife to the hairdressers at 5pm and not returned home.

It is expected that an autopsy will be carried out today.

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