A MISSING British man has been spotted by two British expats who have contacted this newspaper.

It comes after Harry Stagg, 23, from the Isle of Wight, disappeared on November 29 on the way to his grandad’s home in Malaga where he was due to spend Christmas.

The first possible sighting of the former restaurant worker came on December 13 at the Galp petrol station in Antequera, north of Malaga.

Wendy Davis, 52, from Cardiff said she saw the East Cowes man between 9:30 and 10:00am as she took her cat to the vet.

“As you drive into Antequera,” she told the Olive Press, “I saw a kid who didn’t look Spanish with a cardboard sign that said Campillos.”

The expat of six years, who lives in nearby Mollina, added: “He just stood out to me, he had scruffy hair and was wearing a black/green hoodie and was pale as well.”

Galp Antequera
SIGHTING: Harry was spotted at the Galp petrol station in Antequera and was also seen walking along a motorway

Campillos is a town northwest of Malaga and could have been one of the routes Harry chose to take down to Alora, where he was due to meet his aunt Paula and his grandfather.

Following Wendy’s sighting, another Brit, Yvonne Rogers, 60, got in touch and said she had seen Harry twice.

Yvonne said she’d spotted Harry on January 13, ‘walking along the N-340 in the direction of Almeria not far from Lucainena de las Torres.’

She then saw him again on the N-340 on January 14 between Fort Bravo and the Oasys MiniHollywood tourist attraction.

“It was definitely the same person, he had a small rucksack, facial hair, was dark and was walking in the right direction towards Malaga,” the expat who lives near Sorbas told the Olive Press.

She added: “I was going to hospital to take my husband and then I noticed the young man because my son said ‘look he’s in all dark colours, but at least he’s on the right side of the road.’

MISSING: Harry Stagg was last heard from on November 29

“Then on Tuesday I saw him again and what occurred to me was that it was quite a distance between the two places.

“If it was a local I wouldn’t have thought anything of it.

“I couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t reported it, if it was my son I would hope someone would do the same.”

The Guardia Civil has been notified of the two sightings.

Harry is described as pale, 6ft, 2, with dark brown hair, cut ‘shaggy’ and dark brown/green eyes.

He went missing after his mum, who lives in the Isle of Wight, and travelling partner Kim Muca last had contact from him on November 29.

Harry Stagg A
OFF THE GRID: British traveller Harry disappeared without a mobile phone, having made his way down through France

Harry called them both from the police station in the northern city of Huesca and scheduled a rendezvous with Kim.

But the pair never met and Paula has now filed a missing person report with the Guardia Civil in Alora.

She told the Olive Press: “It was the first or second time Harry had left the Isle of Wight alone.”

Have you seen Harry? Give us a call on +34 951 27 35 75 or email newsdesk@theolivepress.es

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