THE Machaquito Distillery in the Cordoban town of Rute has won a prestigious award for its famous anis.

The liquor bagged a ‘Spirit of Spain’ award from the Spanish Association of Wine Journalists and Writers (AEPEV).

A judging panel of 170 wine and spirits experts tasted over 1,500 different creations from across Spain to form this years awards list.

The distillery, located in Rute, a small farming town in the depths of the Subbetica hills, has been creating the Anis for 160 years.

During 2019 it has seen its business reach historic milestones, expanding at a record rate, as its products gain notoriety throughout Spain. 

Rute Alcohol
LEGENDARY: Rute’s famous Machaquito Anis has finally been awarded

The Machaquito Anis is a popular spirit in Andalucia and is commonly drunk at breakfast by the region’s olive farmers.

According to locals; it has a warming ‘sherry-type quality’, perfect for preparing for a cold day in the fields. 

The 35% liquor is made from the unique ‘matalahuga’ grain and is distilled using natural oils, sugar and distilled alcohol using family recipes.

“The responsibility, satisfaction and determination to win this award and to keep Rute on the map of spirits is a testament to the dedication of the other agri-food sectors in the town,” explained a spokesperson for the distillery.

Rute becomes a popular tourist destination throughout the Christmas period thanks to its numerous chocolate, confectionary and liquorice museums and products.

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