The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has been named as Europe’s top must-visit attraction. 

Eurochange has analysed data from TripAdvisor for some of Europe’s top attractions and compiled a list, including ratings from previous visitors.

The famous Catalan Basilica takes the top spot with 160,964 TripAdvisor reviews.

Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi is the man responsible for designing the church, with construction beginning in 1882. 

At the time of Gaudi’s death in 1926, less than a quarter of the project had been completed.

Construction passed the halfway mark in 2010 and it’s anticipated that the building will be completed by 2026.

It’s closely followed by the Colosseum in Rome that has 143,741 TripAdvisor reviews and the Eiffel Tower in Paris with 137,986.

These are the only three attractions with over 100,000 reviews. 

Spain’s next two highest attractions are Park Güell in Barcelona which is in tenth place and the Alhambra in Granada which comes in at eleventh.

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