American Sisters
PLEA: For US sisters to declare accusations in front of a judge

A MURCIA judge has pleaded for three American sisters to declare before a judge their claims that they were raped by three Afghan men on New Year’s Eve.

In an official letter sent to the Provincial Judicial Police (UFAM), the Murcia court has asked for the current whereabouts of the young women, who are all from Ohio in the US.

The court needs the women, aged 18, 20 and 23, to declare their denuncias in front of a judge for the case to move forward and for a trial to take place.

They can declare either in person or by video conference.

It comes as the defence team for the three young Afghan suspects are asking for the case to be dropped before it files complaints of false accusation.

The three men, aged 20, 21 and 25, were arrested after the young women claimed they were raped and assaulted in the apartment of the youngest sister.

They were all released after giving their statements.

Melecio Castano, defending the accused, is convinced the case will be dropped as the women have left Spain without taking their complaints before a judge, despite being warned of the consequences.

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