A DEAD body found in Duquesa port this morning is understood to be a British expat. 

According to local sources, the man worked in the area locally alongside his wife.

Guardia Civil arrived at the scene around 10.30am, but according to a waiter at the Ocean C@fe & Bar, the body was floating in the water for quite a few hours prior.

“People were walking past completely oblivious to the fact that there was a dead man in the water right next to them,” he told the Olive Press today.

RIGHT OUTSIDE: The body was floating in the water right in front of the cafe

A British couple sitting in the cafe claimed that the corpse belonged to a British man who was married to a blonde woman working at one of the other cafes around the port.

“When the police recovered the body from the water, his wife was called in order to confirm his identity,” they told this paper.

Authorities have yet to confirm the nationality of the man, while the cause of death is still unclear.

Guardia Civil were approached for a statement but they refused to comment.

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