A PENSIONER has been arrested for threatening an attack on the British Embassy in Spain. 

The 74-year-old Lebanese man was arrested in Benalmadena after phoning the embassy in Madrid to make the threat.

“I will attack your British interests in Spain within 72 hours,” he said in the warning, “I have nothing to lose and I don’t care about anything.”

Known only as S.Y., the man made several calls making the same threat.

Policia Nacional were able to track him to Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol, well within the 72 hour window.

Born in Beirut, the suspect is known to various police bodies for his extensive criminal history.

He used up to 10 different fake identities to live undetected.

After being arrested, police confirmed he had already been arrested in Malaga in 2009 for attacking the British consulate in Costa Rica.

The begrudged pensioner had fired several shots at the building and fled the scene in a British-plated car.

The dramatic scene, recorded on CCTV, saw the man appear at the door of the consulate before firing shots at the flag.

He is believed to bear a grudge with the British authorities, who won’t allow him to travel to the UK, where his children live.

A Malaga judge has ordered he remain 500 metres away from British diplomats and consulate buildings at all times and is forbidden from contacting them by telephone.

He has also been charged with public disorder crimes.


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