A NEW feminist group has been created on the Costa del Sol to fight for ‘real and effective equality’. 

The Commission of Young Feminists, based in Estepona, consists of more than 30 young people and hopes to bring the movement to the younger generation.

The purpose of the feminist group is to fight to end social issues such as sexist violence.

The commission is made up of women who have participated in other women’s spaces in Estepona for years and who have now decided to independently promote real training and awareness events.

The idea arose with the premise that young women are stronger together and that it is necessary to continue to fight for rights, as there is still much to be done to achieve a society free from sexist attitudes and patriarchal oppression.

President of the association Maria Moro said: “We want to respond to the diversity of women that exist in our town and for this it is important to get the active involvement of the young people of Estepona in the transformation of our society and to achieve real equality.”

The group will organise projects and workshops which promote non-formal education about feminism.

The youth association is currently preparing action to be carried out in Estepona on the International Day of Working Women on March 8.

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