HUNDREDS of protesters have taken to the streets, blocking roads and lighting fires after the parliamentary decision against Quim Torra.

Tensions rose yesterday as protesters reacted to the decision to strip the President of the Generalitat of his rights as a lawmaker.

Approximately 300 protesters had gathered for five hours outside parliament for the decision. The protest then moved to the city centre. 

During the move to Urquinaona and Plaza de Catalunya, containers were burned, traffic was blocked and apparently the protesters also shouted abuse at the Mossos. 

It is thought the incidents were caused by only around 100 of the protesters, who were largely made up of young people and some were wearing balaclavas.

Five young people were briefly detained before being released. The tensions did not arise into riots.

These protests come after the violent demonstrations seen in October, 2019 when nine separatist leaders were sentenced to prison.

Torra will remain the president of the Generalitat until the Supreme court rules on an appeal filed against his disqualification.


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