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Wolf Pack’s youngest member arrested for shoplifting in Spain

It comes after nationwide protests due to the gang's lesser charge of sexual abuse

British expats protest ‘cruel’ bullfight in Malaga after learning it was funded by their taxes

The protest was organised alongside a 1,300-strong petition

MAY DAY: More than 70 protests planned across Spain today for better working conditions as union bosses warn of...

DOZENS of protests are planned across Spain today to demand better working conditions.Organised by the country's main labour unions UGT and CCOO, the more...

Protests erupt in Spain after Supreme Court rules 25 Catalunya leaders to be tried for rebellion – with some...

PROTESTORS hit the street Barcelona last night after the Supreme Court announced it would be stepping up its legal action against separatists. It ruled that...

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Madrid a ‘WARZONE’ as migrants and locals battle with Spanish police after death of Senegalese street vendor

The inner city district of Lavapiés went up in violent flames as protesters took to the streets to rebel against the police

Spanish students protest over education law

The protests were called by the Students Union with the biggest marches taking place in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia

UPDATE: Police successfully evict 70 squatters from abandoned homes in Marbella in under an hour

At least 20 police officers and up to a dozen security guards were involved in the evictions

Protesters in Pamplona after British teenager reports sexual assault

Protesters gathered in response to sexual assault reports

Human Rights Watch slam ‘flawed’ Spanish security Bill

Nicknamed the 'gag law', the proposed Bill will come down on protesters and freedom of speech

Spanish government stocks up on riot gear for autumn

Amnesty calls the purchase a 'worrying development'

PP set to abandon Spain’s controversial abortion reforms

Mariano's PP about to U-turn, allegedly motivated by electoral concerns

Spanish priest seized in El Salvador for aiding gang members

Father Tono's arrest has inspired massive protest marches in his hometown of Daimiel

Mayor of Madrid demands protest ban in city centres

The ban would include all areas of historical, cultural or artistic importance in Spanish city centres

Protests against tough new Spanish abortion law continue

At least 10,000 turned out for protest on the streets of Madrid

Spain’s abortion reform one step closer following secret vote

Vote was intended to hinder progress, but was instead won narrowly by MPs in favour of reform

OLIVE PRESS INVESTIGATES: 2014 – The real numbers behind the headlines

Tom Powell delves into the truth behind Spain's startling economic statistics

Spain’s abortion law protests go European

Hundreds of thousands protest against Spain's proposal to change abortion laws

Abortion law protestors to gather outside Spanish embassy in Paris

Anti abortion law protests go international as demonstrators gather outside Spain's overseas embassies

Oil’s not well in Valencia and Ibiza

Oil drilling plans spark protest across Ibiza and Valencia

Spain austerity: Spending protest grips city of Burgos

Protests continue in Burgos over planned redevelopment project

Spanish government draft new bill to crack down on unauthorised protests

Unauthorised demonstrators could be hit by fines of up to €600,000

Working worries in Andalucia

Andalucia named as Europe’s second most unemployed region

Eviction U-turn in Spain following two suicides

Banking Association announces two-year ban on 'extreme cases' after a man and women take their own lives

Spain plans to make green taxis

Madrid city hall sets out new regulations to create ecotaxis

Further cuts ahead for Spain despite million-strong 15-M protests

Protesters took to streets in 951 cities worldwide in opposition to austerity measures, but Spain is facing a harsh autumn and winter after new downgrade and inability to reign in spending in the regions. By Jon Clarke in Malaga

Spanish need for speed

Protest group blocks Madrid claiming new speed limit change is just about fines