FARMERS are today protesting for the fourth day in a row as they plan to block motorways and roads across Spain.

Dozens of tractors entered Barcelona on Thursday, cutting off the centre of the city, with similar action planned for Friday.

They will also attempt to cut off access to Madrid and a string of other major cities.

It comes as footage emerged today of farmers ‘detaining’ a truck of tomatoes said to have come from Morocco.

In videos shared on X, protesters in high-vis jackets can be seen chucking crates of the fruit onto the ground and stomping on them.

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Protests are taking place across the EU to protest the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), increased bureaucracy and cheap imports from non-EU countries who are not bound by the same regulations.

Farmers across Europe say that under the current system, they are unable to compete with growers in the likes of Morocco and elsewhere.

In Spain, several trade union joined the protests yesterday, including ASAJA, COAG and UPA.

On Wednesday night, police were forced to fire rubber bullets to disperse gathering protesters in Antequera.

Video footage shared online showed farmers running away from officers after allegedly setting a lorry on fire outside a Mercadona warehouse.

There are already reports of delays and traffic jams across the country due to today’s action.

In Malaga province, Andalucia, roadblocks caused serious delays on the A-92 and A-357 motorways overnight, with disruption expected to continue Friday – specifically the A-92 near Villanueva del Trabuco and the A-357 near Pizarra.

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