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Fire-ravaged Vall d’Ebo area of Spain’s Alicante Province gets cash boost

NEW support of up to €2 million has been promised to the fire-hit Vall d'Ebo area of Alicante Province. The pledge came on Tuesday in...

PP fails in bid to overturn wolf hunting ban in Spain

A BID to overturn Spain’s wolf hunting ban by Spain’s conservative opposition party has been rejected by parliament. The Popular Party (PP), supported by several...

Farmers call tractor protest for May 10 in Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE Association of Young Farmers of Alicante have called for a ‘tractorade’ protest in Alicante on May 10 in protest at rising costs in...

Supermarkets hit by shortage as Spain’s truck driver strike continues

SUPERMARKETS across Spain are reporting shortages of some products as the strike by truck drivers continues. Fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, fish and...

To the tractors! Malaga farmers plan protest to highlight problems in Spain’s agricultural sector

FARMERS are to take part in a tractor protest in Malaga to highlight issues that are blighting the agricultural sector, including a rise in...

Water thieves use 12 kilometre-long pipe and pumping gear to illegally supply farms across Murcia area of Spain

A gang who hooked up an illegal water supply from a Murcia region well to irrigate farms has been busted by the Guardia Civil. Three...

European Commission threatens Spain over environmentally-damaging water extraction plans for Andalucia’s Doñana National Park

THE European Commission has threatened to penalise Spain if plans go ahead to extract more water from one of Europe's largest wetlands. The warning comes...

Airport staying off the rails on Spain’s Costa Blanca angers business and farming groups

BUSINESS and farming groups have joined forces to criticise the ongoing absence of a rail link with Alicante-Elche airport. The Alicante Young Farmers Association(Asaja) and...

Costa Blanca orange growers cry ‘foul’ as Spain’s supermarkets squeeze them dry

ORANGE farmers in Alicante Province say crop prices have collapsed because of cheap imports from South Africa and supermarkets getting rock-bottom deals. The Alicante Young...

Disastrous 2019 floods caused €2.3 billion of damage in Costa Blanca and Murcia areas of Spain

THE September 2019 floods that hit Alicante Province and Murcia were Spain's costliest natural disaster in a five years period. The annual report of the...

Spanish naval ship helps farmers in La Palma gain access to their land

THE Spanish Navy amphibious transport ship Castilla has docked in La Palma on the Canary Islands today, Saturday, November 6. The vessel's crew will help...

AFTER WILDFIRE: Spain’s Andalucia to receive 50 tonnes of feed for livestock on Sierra Bermeja farms

THE Junta has received 50 tonnes of feed for livestock to help farms cope with the aftermath of the Sierra Bermeja wildfire. According to Fernando...

LESS MEAT, MORE LIFE: Spanish minister’s campaign to eat less meat receives a mixed response

HEALTH minister Alberto Garzon has launched a campaign encouraging Spaniards to eat less meat, after research revealed Spain chomps its way through more meat...

TOO MANY GOATS as farmers on Spain’s Costa Blanca predict big problems due to hospitality closure

FARMERS in Alicante Province say they will suffer an immediate loss of €500,000 because they have lost the hospitality industry as major customers. Restaurants and...

Orange farmers on Spain’s Costa Blanca vent anger over sugary drink tax plans

COSTA Blanca orange farmers are up in arms over government plans to raise IVA taxes on sugary drinks from 10% to 21%, which will...

Post office in Spain offers new lifeline to rural farmers in wake of nationwide protests

CORREOS has signed an agreement with the Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers (UPA) to integrate fresh produce into their Correos Market online store. Coming...

REVEALED: New data shows 600% price hikes on oranges, pushing farmers in Spain’s Andalucia ‘to the brink’

Andalucian farmers have been severely struggling recently, with international tariffs hitting the country hard

Unions representing 50,000 farmers accuse Segura river management body of ‘criminal negligence’ over devastating gota fría floods

UNIONS representing 50,000 of the nation’s farmers met last Friday with Mireia Mollá, the Regional Minister of Agriculture to accuse the organisation managing the...

Hailstorm hits Costa del Sol’s Ronda as winemakers hope their crops have not been ruined

More extreme weather hits southern Spain, with local farmers praying their crops have not been ruined by the storms.

British vegan activist claims she was shot at by ‘evil’ farmers after ‘rescuing’ 16 rabbits from a farm in...

Mia said that their pursers then surrounded them as they came to a dead-end, before managing to escape again onto the motorway, where the enraged farmers ‘pulled up alongside us and shot at us.’

OLIVE WATCHERS: Spain’s Civil Guard to make surprise visits to olive oil factories after weigh-in controversies

It will serve to dispel doubts that have always existed on the part of farmers who are going to weigh their fruit after a hard day of harvesting

SPAIN V TRUMP: US president’s tariffs set to take toll on Andalucia manufacturers

The food and drink sector, including olive and olive oil manufacturers, and the aluminium and watch-making industries have all expressed grave concerns

Farmers sign petition to protest destruction of healthy olive and almond trees in Alicante

The farmers, part of The Platform for those Affected by Xylella fastidiosa (AXFA), say current eradication plans mark the ‘beginning of the end of our forests, and of our people’.

RAMPING UP: Tensions flare as farmers plough into Barcelona on tractors ahead of Catalunya referendum

Farmers have descended on Barcelona in their tractors to park them in front of polling stations ahead of Sunday's vote.

Crop farmers plea for pipelines to be built to try fight a feared drought

Officials warned that an official drought decree is likely to be called in the Axarquia area

Farmers in Murcia protest over seasonal drought

Murcia has seen a three-year period of little or no rainfall, with the recent storms hardly touching the region.





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