FARMERS are to take part in a tractor protest in Malaga to highlight issues that are blighting the agricultural sector, including a rise in production costs, labour reforms, unfair competition and severe drought. 

The protests have been organised by the unions Asaja, COAG, UPA, and Agro-food cooperatives.

The protest will culminate in tractors all over the province driving to the Antequera region.

The unions accuse the government of inaction and of “abandoning farms, leading to an unstoppable depopulation of rural areas.” 

Manifestacion De Ganaderos Y Agricultores En Madrid
A protest by farmers in Madrid drew agricultural workers from across the country in January. (Cordon Press).

They also criticised the increase in food imports from countries outside the EU which they claim “do not meet the requirements of the European Union, neither in quality, nor in food safety, or in their production process.” 

The unions have called on all farmers across the Malaga province to attend the demonstration on March 3.

Agriculture has become an increasingly divisive topic in Spain in recent months, with concerns over animal welfare and the environment levelled at traditional farming practices and produce. 

In January, farmers occupied the centre of Madrid in protest at environmental and economic policies by the government whilst demonstrations have also been held in Murcia.

In December, consumer affairs minister Alberto Garzon was forced to backtrack after proclaiming that Spaniards should eat less meat to save the planet. 

Spain has the largest proportion of land used for farming in the EU except France.


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