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Trade unions in Spain sign deal with key employer groups for guaranteed wage rise of 10% over three years

A WAGE DEAL amounting to at least 10% rises in pay packets for many workers in Spain has been agreed between major employers associations...

U-turn by regional health bosses after Torrevieja Hospital staff voted for strike action on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE Valencian Health Ministry has withdrawn a legal challenge to a collective employment agreement which prompted staff at Torrevieja Hospital to vote for strike...

Hotel workers set to strike over Easter holiday in Spain’s Murcia region

UNIONS representing hotel workers in the Murcia region have called for strikes during the busy Easter and Spring Fiesta period after being offered a...

Air traffic controllers stage second Monday strike at 16 airports in Spain

AIR traffic controllers at 16 airports in Spain have gone on strike for a second successive Monday. Workers for private companies Saerco and FerroNats claim...

Easyjet cabin crew in Spain reach pay deal and call off strikes

A fresh weekend strike by Easyjet cabin crew in Spain has been scrapped after a new pay deal was reached between management and unions. Staff...

MUST READ: Ryanair cabin crew unions in Spain announce weekly strikes through to January 2023

UNIONS representing Ryanair cabin crew staff in Spain have announced a schedule of weekly strikes running into January 2023. The row over higher pay demands...

Call for security guards as health centre staff on Spain’s Costa Blanca suffer rising abuse from angry patients

RISING cases of verbal and physical assaults on Torrevieja area health centre staff has led to calls for better security. Unions are demanding security guards...

Ryanair claims cabin crew strikes in Spain will be ‘relatively insignificant’ in disrupting summer holiday flights

BUDGET airline Ryanair claims six days of cabin crew strikes in Spain will be 'relatively insignificant in terms of disruption'. Cabin crew will strike on...

Ryanair cabin crew in Spain call six days of strikes threatening travel chaos at start of summer holidays

UNIONS for Ryanair staff in Spain have announced six days of strikes in late June and early July after negotiations with management over pay...

MUST READ: Ryanair cabin crew strike inches closer as airline scraps union talks in Spain

BUDGET airline Ryanair has walked out of talks with two unions in Spain over improved pay and conditions for cabin staff. It increases the chance...

MUST READ: Ryanair summer flights threat as unions in Spain and Europe plan strikes

RYANAIR flights in Europe could be disrupted by strikes this summer over cabin crew working conditions. Spain's USO and SITCPLA unions have joined forces with...

To the tractors! Malaga farmers plan protest to highlight problems in Spain’s agricultural sector

FARMERS are to take part in a tractor protest in Malaga to highlight issues that are blighting the agricultural sector, including a rise in...

Unite the Union and the NASUWT teachers’ union are teaming up to fight a Brexit frontier ‘catastrophe’ with sister...

Gibraltar and Spain unions team up to try to pressure politicians for a free flowing frontier after Brexit finally happens

Ryanair announces 29 new routes to Spain in time for the summer

The changes will see more flights coming from Valencia, Alicante and Sevilla as well as domestic flight paths from Sevilla to Alicante and the Canary Islands. 

Spain’s minimum wage set to rise so long as current economic growth is sustained

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy reached an agreement with trade unions to raise the minimum wage by 28.4 euros more a month in 2018, which means by 2019 it will rise to 773 euros a month and 850 euros by 2020.

Flight delays feared across Europe as french workers go on strike

Protesters are expected to take to the streets of towns and cities across France on Tuesday

Unemployment falls in Spain, but most jobs ‘precarious’

Just four out of every 100 contracts signed in December were long-term and full-time, the UGT has said

Estepona issues pay cuts to avoid slashing jobs

Mayor Urbano met with trade unions in Estepona, who agreed to significant worker pay cuts in an effort to save jobs

Demonstrators clash with police in Malaga as general strike begins

Industrial action called in protest at labour law reforms that will make it easier for employers to lay-off workers





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