RYANAIR flights in Europe could be disrupted by strikes this summer over cabin crew working conditions.

Spain’s USO and SITCPLA unions have joined forces with counterparts in Belgium, France, Italy, and Portugal to co-ordinate protest action.

They argue the budget Irish airline has not listened to demands first made ifour years ago to improve work contracts for cabin crews.

One-day walkouts in September 2018 led to some concessions, but the unions want more substantial changes.

They say European strikes will be called this summer if no progress is made.

Union demands include the application of basic non-negotiable worker rights and to recognise the rights of staff to organise as union members to participate in collective bargaining.

The unions say Ryanair have lost court cases over the way they employ people but governments have been cautious to do anything.

Criticisms range from cabin crew having to work without access to water on planes; poorly prepared payrolls; and a lack of transparency over job transfers and promotions which unions claim is used as a form of pressure on staff to accept worse employment conditions.

Ryanair employs 6,000 people in Spain across a variety of functions.


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