BUDGET airline Ryanair has announced it will introduced 29 new flights and increase frequency of current routes. 

The changes will see more flights coming from Valencia, Alicante and Sevilla as well as domestic flight paths from Sevilla to Alicante and the Canary Islands.

Sevilla and Barcelona will have extra flights linking them to Italy, France, and Morocco while in Mallorca many of the new flights focus on linking Italy (Rome, Ciampino, Sicily and Milan) to the island.

An additional connection will run from Santander, Cantabria to Budapest (Hungary).

The additional routes mean the Irish airline will now operate 500 routes from Spanish airports, with a total of 41.5 million passengers using the airline.

The low-cost airline has been locked in a battle with its pilots over working conditions and pay rises that saw hundreds of flights cancelled.

Ryanair chief Michael O´Leary accused Spain’s main pilots’ union of blocking an agreement but outlined the importance of Spain to the airline saying “It is very important for us, which is why we want to do an agreement with Sepla (the union) as 27% of our flights go to Spain.”


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